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Our range of products:

  • Excimer Laser Gas for Vision Correction or Lasik Surgery and Diamond marking, semiconductor.

  • Rare Gases for Lighting Industry.

  • Traceable Emission Gas Standards for the calibration of the instruments of automotive industry and pollution monitoring systems to enable them to comply with National & International Emission Standards.

  • Electronic Grade Gases for Semiconductor and Solar Cell Manufacturing.

  • Environmental Friendly Hydrocarbon Based refrigerants.

  • Packaged Chemicals.

  • Specialty Gases for Cancer Detection in PET Cyclotron Machines.

  • Radioactive chemicals and stable isotopes for Nuclear Research.

  • Calibration Standards and Traceable gases for Refineries, petrochemicals and Process Chemical Industries.

  • Specialty Gas Handling Equipment, like regulators, flow meters, automatic changeover etc.

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