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Cylinder Handling and Safety.

Safety is paramount in our organisation. Since we deal with compressed gas cylinders and also flammable gases, it becomes imperative to have a culture where safety is the way of working. We help our customers in organising seminars on safe handling and storage of compressed gas and flammable gases. Here are a few must do points while handling cylinders.​

Cylinder stability


Keep all cylinders in an upright position on a levelled ground. For seamless steel comressed cylinders it is advisable to chain them from a fixed wall to prevent injury from falling.


For horizontal tonners, chokes should be applied while they are position to prevent any rolling while being used.


Check for possible leak in the valve with a snoop solution / bubbler after connecting the regulator & hose, before opening the gas valve

Use proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


Use proper safety gear (Hand gloves / Safety shoes / safety goggles) while handling gas cylinders.​

Use proper hand cart for safe transfer of cylinders from one place to another.


Wear Safety Shoes while handling cylinders.

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