Blowing Agents

LB Specialities supplies widely used blowing agents like Cyclo-pentane, Iso-pentane, Butane and their custom blends for various applications.
1. Pure Cyclopentane


Pure cyclo-pentane with 95% purity and low sulpher content can be supplies globally in various packings from drums upto ISO Tanks.

2. Cyclo-Iso Pentane Blends


Custom blends of Cyclo-pentane and Iso-Pentane are available to suit customers requirements.

3. Butane


Pure Butane upto 99.99% Purity and n-butane or i-butane can be provided in various pack sizes.


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Gases We Offer

With our experience in the field of Gases and Chemicals we  currently provide the following to leading Industies in India and subcontinent :


Excimer Gas Mix


Packaged Chemicals

Lighting Mixtures

Emission Standards

Tracable Standards

VLSI Grade gases

CONCOA Regulators




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