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Calibration Gases.

Calibration gases supplied by LB Specialities are manufactured by one of the largest speciality gases company of USA. Our manufaturer has six ISO 9002-certified facilities, nearly 30 regional specialty gas laboratories, and more than 150 filling locations across US. To ensure accuracy and quality, all mixtures are manufactured by a patented Gravimetric technology. Cylinders imported in India are duly approved by Statutory Authorites by our company and then supplied to customers

Calibration Standards


Calibration gases are available for various applications like Refineries, Reasearch Labs, Medical, automotive, chemical process plants e.t.c.​

These gases range from high purity single component gases to complex multi-component mixtures​ in various types and sizes of cylinders. Both Aluminium and MS cylinders are available depending on the requirement of purity and application of customer. Each individual cylinders comes with test certificates from the manufacturer.


LB Speciality is supplying Hydrocarbon standards to the leading Refinery in India like 1,3 Butadiene, n-Butane, 1-Butene, cis-2-Butene, trans-2-Butene, Ethane, Ethyl Chloride, Ethylene, Isobutane, Isobutylene, Methane, Methyl Chloride, Propane, Propylene, e.t.c.

Automotive Emission - Reference Standards


LB specialities provides primary calibration standards for Automotive emission labs. We have acomplete range of blends for emission certification, IM Testing and third party certification. These include multi component gases for test equipment calibration and Vehicle Emission Zero Air Standards. Mixtures are NIST Tracable and offers maximum shelf life among the similar mixtures supplied by other gas companies.​

Our manufacturer ia the most accurate supplier of NO, NO2 and N2O down to 0.1 ppm concentrations. Our range for Automotive Emission includes Hydrogen Helium mixtures, Zero Air, Pure Oxygen, Pure Nitrogen, CO, CO2, Methane, Propane, Butane and NOx mixtures.

Electronic Gases


We also offer VLSI grade gases for semiconductor and Solar cell Industry. 


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