Disposable Canisters

  • Various refrigerants are made available in tin and aluminum disposable canisters for the ease of use.

  • These cans are widely used in service segment of automobile and refrigerator segment.

  • Refrigerants like R134a, R600a, R290 and Hydrocarbon Blends are available in 450 ml canisters.

  • Quantity of refrigerant in each container varies with the compression ratio of each gas.

Cylinders and Drums

  • Refrigerants are made available in various sizes of welded steel cylinders.

  • Cylinder sizes from 12 Ltr to 240 Ltr water capacity are used in after sales service applications.

  •  Tonners of 930 Ltr water capacity is supplied for OEM manufacturing.

  • All cylinders are compliant to European or American standards.

  • Cylinders are supplied with all statutory clearances from CCoE.



For large manufacturing requirement we offer refrigerant in Bulk ISO Containers:

  • Returnable ISO Containers filled with refrigerant is delivered to customer's site.

  • LB Specialities provides assistance in applying for CCoE clearances.

  • Helps customers to have sufficient inventory of imported refrigerants

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Gases We Offer

With our experience in the field of Gases and Chemicals we  currently provide the following to leading Industies in India and subcontinent :


Excimer Gas Mix


Packaged Chemicals

Lighting Mixtures

Emission Standards

Tracable Standards

VLSI Grade gases

CONCOA Regulators




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