​Excimer Laser Gas Mixtures

Vision Correction - Lasik

  • Cylinders are supplied to OEMs in various sizes like 16 Ltr, 20 Ltr and 50 Ltr

  • Standard Excimer Laser Premix are available for makes like Coherent, Nidek, Alcon, Technolas, Abott e.t.c.

  • Door delivery and empty cylinder collection service available to individual doctors.

  • High purity Helium is supplied to serve the purging requirement of machines

Diamond Marking

  • Excimer Laser Gas for lithoprinting application is supplied for various laser heads

  • We supply laser premix and pure helium to the leading Jewellery certification organisations in the country.

  • Cyinders are provided with suitable outlet valves to suit customers requiremnts.

Scientific Lasers


LB Specialities provides scientific laser premix gases and allied accesories.

  • Lasers suitable for laser heads like Coherent, Lambda Physic, Summit etc.

  • Pure gases like Krypton and custome flourine mistures are provided to various research institutes

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Gases We Offer

With our experience in the field of Gases and Chemicals we  currently provide the following to leading Industies in India and subcontinent :


Excimer Gas Mix


Packaged Chemicals

Lighting Mixtures

Emission Standards

Tracable Standards

VLSI Grade gases

CONCOA Regulators




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